Hi there, I am also one of the unlucky ones, my Surface Pro 4 also has some screen issues, including flickering, shaking of the screen, and the stripes at the bottom of the screen, reflecting the top half a centimeter of the screen. Obviously, everything said on your website applies to me, a $1500+ device, started only after the expiration of the warranty – and the flickering gets worse…

I also had to call Microsoft’s assistance regarding an earlier (in-warranty) screen problem (backlight bleed), they had me sent in the device, but they also told me the device was dropped and therefore they didn’t do anything.
Oh, and I had the problem with an unresponsive type cover as well – many, many, many times. Usually, detaching and re-attaching the cover did resolve the issue, but not always. Sometimes I had to restart it.

If I can be of assistance to anybody – avoid buying the Surface Pro 4…

Could you please mail me further information regarding the lawsuit against Microsoft?
Thanks in advance,
Best regards

Karol Miklosko


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