What is Flickergate?

We are customers of Microsoft who have invested $1500+ on new Surface Pro devices which have developed screen flickering, rendering the devices unusable. The flickering normally occurs 1 year after purchase when the warranty is already expired. This means that owners are forced to pay $450 for an out-of-warranty exchange from Microsoft. However, many users experience the same flickering on their refurbished Surface Pro replacements.   2000+ customers have complained on Microsoft’s support forums and this number is growing by the day.  However, Microsoft has not acknowledged the issue.   We recommend potential buyers to AVOID surface pro devices until Microsoft has fixed this problem because there is a high chance that your device will become unusable within a year.

If you are having this issue, please sign the petition here along with submitting your details on [email protected]

For becoming part of potential class action against Microsoft, share your details with Migliaccio & Rathod LLP and McCUNE ∙ WRIGHT ∙ AREVALO, LLP

(Signing the petition only requires an email. This petition does not ask for any donation and if the petition site change.org asks you for any, it’s not from our side)

What is the solution?

Unfortunately no software fix is available for this problem. Some of users were offered replacements as fix by Microsoft but the problem still remains there as users reported on the official forum of MS that they had the same problem with 3,4 consecutive replacements.

What do we expect from Microsoft?

Surface Pro’s are marketed and priced as premium devices. Microsoft should therefore respond accordingly by acknowledging the issue and offering a solution. If the issue is a hardware fault, then Microsoft should recall affected devices.

Update: Microsoft released a short statement after the wide spread media coverage of the issue, stating that they are aware of it and customers of defective Surface Pros should contact MS Support.

A Glimpse of the Issue

Affected Customers

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Our Story

Lan Kien HO

As title, I have tried many online solutions but unsuccessful. The one which is on TheVerge today (2 Feb 2018) as to put it in freezer just could help me extend another few minutes of Read more…

Our Story

Luis M Valentin

Thanks for setting up this site and keeping up the pressure on Microsoft. My Surface Pro 4 has also been suffering from display issues (flickering and ghosting) since a few months ago.  

Our Story

Rob Glazier

First of all thank you for raising this issue. My hope is that Microsoft fixes this problem. My experience:   This has been going on intermittently for about a year. The bottom strip of screen Read more…

Our Story

Jákup Viljam Dam

After about 3-4hours of this kind of use, it starts to become a bit hot on the back and later the flickering starts. I tried to just let the surface stand for awhile and it Read more…

Our Story

TC Yong – SP4 Core M3

​Here my story, I purchased a SP4 Core M3 last year February at Malaysia electric shop, and having screen shaking/jumping issue since July 2017, I have tried several methods for example reset/restore/clean install OS, but Read more…

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