I purchased a Surface Pro 4 (512 SSD 16 RAM) device in January of 2016 for about $2,000. It worked fine until August of 2017, when the screen flickering started. The flickering was only noticeable when the GPU was not actively rendering to the screen. So the flickering was not a problem when videos were a problem. But sadly trying to do any other kind of work on the device was pointless. I especially do a lot of coding for my job on my computer, and the flickering made it nearly impossible to ready anything I wrote on the screen.


Two months of surviving by constantly moving the mouse and then I tried placing seconds in the clock. This actually worked really well for the next month and a half. Then it stoped working, so so decided to replace it. I submitted it to the device servicing people at the local Microsoft store, and they decided that the problem came from a faulty graphics processor. Because Microsoft has stopped producing the Surface Pro 4, they couldn’t replace the device. But they did offer me $800 off another Surface device. I took the deal and got the next generation of Surface Pro with the same specs as my original device for $1,400. So my Surface device ended up costing about $3,400, and there is a pretty big chance that it will start flickering again. But I got the extended warranty, and so as long as it happens within the next two years it will be ok.


I never actually recorded any video of the flickering, but it is the same as what I have seen others who have the problem.

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