What I used to do in my Surface Pro 4-i5 is mostly related to reading, writing and taking notes of ideas. I bought this thing because it is light and seemed perfect for doing those stuffs while travelling.

But, the way this screen flickers (only after 20-30 minutes of use), for about last 5 months or so, its so terrible to work in this unproductive device.

The sad part is, this thing ain’t cheap at all. It costs me loads of money, and dumping all that money for nothing really hurts me as an average person.

I saw, how Microsoft disowned this engineering fault, liabilities of their own and screwed their customers. Didn’t expect that at all from Microsoft.


As this report quoted Microsoft, Only 1 in 100,000 has issues; Its great. Why don’t they recall them then?

Whatever, I am very very upset with this defected device! I want Microsoft to be honest to themselves and repay all the victims if they can not solve the erroneous device.


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