There are two types of screen flickering/shaking that I experienced with my SP4. 1) screen flickers if there is no activity on screen and there is a horizontal line on the upper part of it. It stops when there is activity on the screen. 2.) The other shaking I experience is the worst kind it shakes even when there is activity on the screen and to the point that there is double imaging/ghosting. This happens when I play games or even just simple internet browsing. I will have a prodcut replacement but I am afraid it might happen on the second device. Microsoft Support does not even know what is wrong with the device or they are hiding the defect of the device. My mom went to the store where she bought it and best buy said that other people are also experiencing the same situation. I bought this device because I though it was high quality brand “microsoft” it turns out that it was a waste of money considering the price of the device. My mom will buy me a new acer laptop with a dedicated GFX card and she will have this product replaced and she will use the replacement.


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